Designing for humans

Predict, research, design

For a website or mobile app to meet it's business goals, it usually requires three things. They are: a great idea, easy to use interaction and beautiful interface that helps to build trust in users. We don't believe in dividing designers into UX and Graphics, so at HYPE4 every designer has knowledge from both worlds. That helps us to streamline the process and better predict how to mix a great interface with beautiful design. When building the initial prototype we can imagine the final product, so we can combine the function with the aesthetics early on and deliver a truly great product.

information architecture and ux
Our experience designers can create new, complete solutions from scratch, or audit an existing digital product (Apps, Websites, IoT devices) both visually and in the flow. We also do usability research, A/B testing and statistical analysis. We use user-action recording tools to quickly identify paths that need adjustments and make the improvements.
najlepsze projekty aplikacji mobilnych

Interaction design

1 prototype is worth a 1000 meetings

We believe that the easiest way to see if something works is to test it. A quick, professional and beautiful prototype can help to identify the problems and choke-points at the early stages. That doesn't mean however that we build typical, grey, blocky "mockups" or "wireframes". We found out that most users don't really understand wireframes and that affects their judgement when trying to research a prototype. That's why we build our prototypes with nice looking visuals that resemble the final product. That also allows us to test how people react to colours, icons and typography.

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