Responsive Web Design

One website - all the devices.

Responsive website design is basically a way to have one website, that adjusts automatically to each and every possible screen resolution and UX paradigm. It means that navigation changes between the desktop version and a phone version, making it easier to both read (more readability) and navigate on smaller screens. In most cases it means making key elements bigger and changing the page layout accordingly, so you don't have to zoom in to read and the entire experience of web reading is flawless. Don't let a bad web experience push your customers away from your business or service. Make sure everyone can see you in an elegant and user friendly way!

Mobile web browsers are being used by 68% of Smartphone owners. An equally large number of people uses their mobile devices to purchase goods and services online. Having a responsive site guarantees, that all your customers will have a great experience no matter what device they're currently on.

Because each device has a different interface pattern, it's important for the web to fit within them all. It doesn't matter if you're on an iPhone, an Android Tablet or a Linux Laptop. It will JUST WORK.

The interface is flexible.

Responsive websites are the future of the web. The will work great on every possible screen size and resolution, making it easier to access your information by anyone, anywhere. Flexible, responsive design is simply the way to go!

responsywne strony internetowe

We understand the difference between a touch interface and a cursor driven one. Our websites being responsive is not only about changing the layout for a mobile device, but also adjusting all touch targets to be large enough, so they can easily be tapped on any screen size. We think about the end user while building responsive projects, so no matter the device and input method, the user will be able to engage with the website without annoyances, distractions and limitations. It also allows us to build websites that are wider than 980 pixels. We can still provide a version for those, who are using computers from 10 years ago, while serving a wider and more refined version to modern computer users, as most current laptops have screens that are at least 1200 pixels wide.

Responsywny design - interakcja palcem Responsywny design - interakcja kursorem myszy

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