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150 mobile projects and counting...

When the first iPhone appeared back in 2007, mobile apps weren't really anything more than simple widgets. We were paying attention to the change and started to design first "real" mobile apps in 2008, when the App Store launched. Since then we have created hundreds of mobile app projects for all platforms - iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even Blackberry. We know the similarities and differences of all the platforms and we can address them in beautiful and functional designs. We are a design partner of Norbsoft - one of the biggest mobile developers in Central Europe.

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Mobile app development

We build high-quality, complete mobile solutions for iOS and Android. Our approach is based on a carefully crafted experience with great UX, beautiful visuals and clean code in mind. Before we start building an app we start with a client interview, potential users interviews and concept sketches. After collecting all the data and feedback we start with building the information architecture and the visual design. We use native technologies to build the apps, and just like with websites the implemented designs are "pixel-perfect". All projects end up with a mandatory Quality Assurance session in our testing lab.

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Apple Watch

We're following all of the newest trends and technologies. When the Apple Watch launched, we got our test devices a couple days after the premiere. That gave us time to get to know the platform better and build amazing solutions for it. We create companion apple-watch apps, or fully stand-alone projects that became possible with Watch OS 2.0.

User Experience combined with beautiful design

All our projects are modern and visually beautiful, but what makes them stand out and easy to use is a "test before you build" Information Architecture approach. We base our ideas on both the current navigation and interface trends, as well as our own research. That gives our apps the edge needed to be both up-to-date and looking fresh, beautiful and plain awesome. Depending on the scope and needs of the project we can create static information architecture blueprints, or fully animated, visual, interactive prototypes. You can learn more about our approach to prototypes at our User Experience page. .

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