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Hungry Squid - our first iOS game - Available on the App Store (488,892 downloads) DreamCatcher - iOS game (in development) FallOvMe - iOS game (in development)
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We love both plaing games and making them. But we choose wisely, and stay out of casual "simple-mindedness" of shooting one animal at another.
We create engaging stories, characters and worlds, because there's enough 5 minute titles out there already. We want our games to have soul or chi or some other unexplainable force that can come only if they're truly created from the heart. So far, so good. Our first release - an innovative and beautiful iOS puzzler HungrySquid was downloaded 488,892 times so far (most of that number came from two weeks of the game beeing free, we're still indie ;).
If you want us to develop our next games faster buy HungrySquid - that will help a lot! Thanks!


HungrySquid is our first big release. It's a puzzle-action combo that has a very unique vibe and gameplay mechanics. Your goal as a galactic squid is to find as many ways out of a space labirynth, as possible. If you succeed you'll get your own dead planet to sit on till the end of time. With a price like that who wouldn't want to win! Get the games from the app store below:

HungrySquid HungrySquid HD HungrySquid FREE HungrySquid HELP

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to download the FREE ambient Soundtrack (20mb)

What the reviews say

"Clever-looking hexagonal twist on Pipe Mania. TENTACLASS!" 148apps.com
"HungrySquid is a fantastic new puzzle game that is unlike anything you've played so far." AppAdvice.com
"Amazing graphics with a compelling puzzle gameplay..." iTopNews.de
"A must have for IOS devices!" Apple.Digital.it
"Unique puzzle game" + "Stylish graphic and music" 8/10 qappreview.com
"An enjoyable and absorbing puzzle game..." iPhoneGamer UK
"Another good looking puzzle for the iPhone" MacKozer
"One of the most interesting puzzle games this year!" Appdnia.pl
"Amazing! Five stars!" Creation Machine

What we're working on


DreamCatcher is a quest to save some kids from nightmares and turn their dreams into something better. The guardians of dreams have existed for millennia, but their role is usually vaguely explained. Maybe it's some sort of a conspiracy. We had a chance to talk to one and he inspired us to push it further. DreamCatcher is coming to the App Store in spring of 2012.


FallOvMe is a love story. It's also a story of a great loss. But there's hope and you're the one who can turn that frown upside down! We started working on it recently and the characters are so adorable it hurts! We want to help them see this world in early 2013!

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