Think of us as a company you can hire if you have both an idea and funding, but no clear vision on the how. We can help you rethink your slogans (years of copywriting experience under the belt + a few poetry publications worldwide), or simply do the heavy lifting for you and come up with a whole campaign for your product or service.

HYPE4 has been present as an informal design studio (even before we became a company!) since 1999. We can honestly say that we know web design and we're proud of it. We started in the US (Go IOWA!), but managed to travel extensively (Spain, UK, Germany) before settling in Warsaw, Poland which right now is a great hub for both design and tech startups. It's been a very exciting ride over the years and we're happy to be a part of it.

You can judge a company's passion for their work by the amount of personal projects they do. We created (with 3ME) an "art and poetry" portal called illusion of sense for the Polish market, that we curated ourselves for years (and we did it for the love of fine arts, no - really!).


We also write a very popular design blog so we're constantly pushing ourselves to both do better and know better. We create UX mockups, templates and icons mostly because we simply love design and coming up with new, fresh ideas. Kind of like we did with our very own iOS flat redesign

Simple UI flow